2018 New Adidas Nemeziz 18+ Soccer Cleats Test

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After the the World Cup in Russia, we will bring you a comprehensive evaluation of the new generation Adidas Nemeziz 18+ today, and see what surprises Adidas brings to this shoeless shoe. Nemeziz's launch or say The design concept is one of the most interesting things we have seen in Adidas soccer shoes. In the fabric upper and a bandage design that looks very interesting, its birth is really eye-catching. Now, Nemeziz made a second iteration, improved the design of the collar, and made some adjustments to the upper. Let's take a closer look at some of the changes.

First impression, Nemeziz's name is very loud, and it is one of the most unique soccer shoes on the market. The arrow-line design on the upper looks interesting, and the combination of blue and white is also eye-catching. However, before you know the nuances of its heel and forefoot, many people mistakenly think that this is just the color update of the 2017 Nemeziz. Because at first glance, it really hasn't changed much. The inner part of the soccer shoe is still covered with the elastic Agligty Bandage bandage, but now Adidas has obviously increased the collar, and the shape of the collar is also adjusted according to the design of the high outsole in the human ankle. The Nemeziz collar is a deep V-shaped cut, and now it has a structure with an inner high outsole.

An impressive aspect of all Adidas non-lace style soccer shoes is that while they need an integrated design without laces, they consistently provide comfort, and the Nemeziz 18+ is no exception. The comfort of the Nemeziz 18+ is directly dependent on the softness of the material used to make the shoe. The Agligty Bandage agile bandages that make up the majority of the upper are naturally very soft, and they are joined together by a comfortable inner pad so that they are instantly integrated when worn.
The integrated tongue area is made of a resilient material that helps the upper retain its shape, allowing your feet to enter the soccer shoe without hindrance, and it remains soft on this basis. As for the other linings, we also saw a thicker sponge lining, similar to what we saw on the original X PureSpeed ​​and the first Nemeziz (although this time it was a bit thick). At the heel we also saw that the Nemeziz 18+ adds a soft lining. Once you take it out of the box and put it on your feet, you can immediately feel its comfort and wrap.

Perhaps because of the soft material and comfortable lining, the Nemeziz 18+ provides instant fit and comfort, which is quite different from those that wear a long time. The most critical part is the upgraded AgligtyKnit 2.0 fabric on the forefoot of soccer shoes. In the current market with soccer shoes (not made of kangaroo leather), Nemeziz does perform very well on this level of comfort. . The original Nemeziz was an impressive "miracle" that caught us off guard. It came out with an interesting concept bandage upper. However, we hope that this area around the bandage upper will give us a better upper structure and some better locking, so does Nemeziz 18+ do it?

Is the new generation of Nemeziz upgraded? The key to Nemeziz's sense of touch is the time. Although the forefoot is a bit stiff at the beginning of the contact ball, it will slowly soften. Over time, the inner pad and the Agligty Bandage agile bandage will give an incredible feel to the ball. At this time, Adidas has the advantage of no shoelace design, which ensures that there is no other interference in the touch area.

The Nemeziz 18+ design philosophy continues to activate the player's agility and flexibility, which means it still allows you to change the rhythm of the field and try to get rid of the defender. The feeling of the ball and the foot has always been a sense of continuity. If you are looking for a very thin and barefoot feel, then Nemeziz's thicker upper may not be suitable. The soft upper is slightly thicker than the previous generation. It focuses on the upper and the ball. The feeling of seamless links. When you're ready to shoot, the integrated tongue is great in its integrity. Despite the comfortable and soft filling throughout the upper, when your foot hits the right hit, you can still feel the warmth that every player desires. Whether you pass the ball, catch the ball, or handle the ball in any way throughout the upper, you will feel this.

One of the biggest problems facing all shoe-less Adidas soccer shoes is the locking of the upper and the foot. When you're trying to change direction quickly or keep your feet safe when you make a sharp turn, the wrapping of the shoelace without the shoelace is always incomparable with the shoelace. The latest Nemeziz 18+ is also facing such difficulties. Although Adidas is already working on solving this problem, it still does not give a perfect solution.

Perhaps at some point, we finally saw a shoe-less soccer shoe showing an advantage in the lockability of the upper, but so far only the adidas X 18+ is close to this. Don't expect it to respond perfectly and fit the foot every time you cut in or perform a quick start and turn around, which is where Nemeziz 18+ is not perfect, or where you need to improve.
The Nemeziz 18+ has the same outsole design and stud layout as the previous generation. The crescent-shaped stud helps you quickly cut into the ground and keep it from getting stuck in the dirt. Although Adidas does not officially call it AG / FG, whether we are in the grass field or high standard artificial stadium, the length and shape of the studs let us feel the traction. However, please note that the grassland here must be a quality grassland.
To be honest, the difference between Nemeziz 18 and Nemeziz 17 is not that big. When you throw the shoelace aside, Nemeziz's stencil-free design does not come up with a perfect solution for the final locking of the foot. This unique collar of the inner high outsole still provides some different feelings. Regarding the people who are suitable for this soccer shoe, we are still not sure about it at the moment. We would like to see it as a comfortable version of the X 18+ series, but also more flexible, but it is also difficult to lock in. Overall, they are all minor upgrades, whether they are uppers or collars, and there are few major changes.

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