Adidas launched a new color version Predator 19+ FG/AG soccer cleats

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In the last month of 2018, the soccer equipment market was quite dull, and the major manufacturers were quite tacit. In 2019, the two giants of the industry, NIKE and adidas, successively launched a new color matching suit for their soccer cleats. Then PUMA also joined the battle. The traditional top three took the lead in the first shot in 2019. Among them, adidas launched the second official color scheme for its Predator 19+ with the newly released Archetic Pack. As a small change to the previous generation of the Adidas Predator 18+, the new generation of the Predator 19+ basically retains the previous generation design, but fine-tunes the friction strip at the heel. Currently, this black and red color version of Predator 19+ FG/AG is on the PDS official website, with a suggested retail price of £230.

ArcheticPack adopts the "blackout" theme design (the X series main upper color is navy blue), different series are decorated with different bright colors and black uppers. The overall design is inspired by the cold night before the dawn of Antarctica. "The meaning of ". Although adidas has recently focused its publicity on the new Copa 19, the Predator series has long been a brand of smashing, and it has long been self-contained.

In terms of configuration, in order to ensure a full range of wearing comfort, the Predator 19+ upper is made of Primeknit fabric, which is lightweight and naturally wrapped to provide a comfortable fit between the upper and the foot. In order to avoid the loose material of the upper fabric, the Forgedknit structure is also used in the midfoot, which can effectively support the upper and lock the feet to ensure the stability of movement. The Controlskin made of synthetic material forms a friction strip on the fabric upper, which is soft and tough, effectively improves the friction when the ball is touched, enhances the control of the soccer, and helps the player to achieve precise transmission. It is worth mentioning that this new color matching front upper friction strip is red-breasted, with the appearance of a sharp friction strip, visually aggressive, really cleats are as their name.

As a lace-free soccer shoe, the Predator 19+ uses the ACE series of Purecut Laceless. The stiletto-free design provides the user with a flat and comfortable touch area at the back of the foot. The Sockfit Collar, integrated with the tongue, is designed to provide comfortable fit for the ankle and easy to put on and take off in artificial grass. The use of the stadium also prevents the rubber particles from entering the shoe bin. The contours of the heel of the sneaker are based on ergonomics, comfortable and heel, stable and reliable.

The previous generation full-size BoostTM insole was retained, but compared to the full-size foam midsole on the brand's running cleats, the energy released during the depression can be fed back to the feet as much as possible to reduce energy loss during exercise. Predator 19+ is equipped The cushioning performance of the Boost insole is relatively limited. In addition, the Controlframe lightweight undercover is copied to the previous generation, and the reinforcing beam at the middle forefoot extends to the heel to enhance the toughness of the sole. The smoothed polygonal spikes combine the grip and steering flexibility. The FG/AG studs are of moderate length and the medium-quality man is practically stress-free.

At the same time, in order to take care of consumers who have different needs for soccer cleats and wearing habits, this new color version of Predator still launches the Predator 19.1 FG/AG with lace version. In general, professional players rarely wear all-black color sneakers launched by the contracted brand in the official competition, so this color scheme may be limited in the professional field. But for soccer fans who love small black cleats, this color scheme has a forced Predator 19+ worth considering.

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