Adidas Predator 18+ Shoes Test

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adidas gave us the opportunity to test the adidas Predator 18+. One of the flagship models of the three-band brand offers optimal support for ultimate control. This soccer cleats has been reinvented to take control of the game! So when is he on the ground?

I received the adidas Predator 18+ (no lace) a few months ago from adidas. The pair comes from the "Cold Blooded" pack in red and white tones, one of the most successful of those presented recently. A color that I particularly appreciate because it reminds me of the old Predator Mania Champagne version that was worn by one of our idols, David Beckham.

To finish on the aesthetic part, the red and black ControlFrame sole combined with translucent and black crampons perfectly matches the look of the shoe. The packaging of the adidas Predator 18+ has been worked and neat. You will understand in the design of the shoe is a favorite! If you also like the color Cold Blooded, know that the pack is discounted at with discounts up to -60%!

Comfort is one of the features featured by adidas for its new Predator 18+ model. If David Beckham and Zinédine Zidane have made the model famous in recent years, when is this new generation without lace that benefits from a PURECUT system and a SOCKFIT collar?

To tell the truth, I had a few aprioris to play with a shoe without lace. I am rather accustomed to the older generation allowing me to adjust myself my lacing and therefore my foot comfort. One of my questions before putting on the pair of crampons was: How can a lace-free soccer shoes keep my foot properly? This question was quickly forgotten when I first wore shoes. If the opening of the neck sockfit seems narrow, the shoe is very easy to put on. It feels like wearing a comfortable slipper at home. If I'm used to the comfort of a leather shoe, the Predator 18+ is very comfortable to wear.

From the first minutes of use, I have very good feelings and the pair is really light. I felt a gene in the heel during my first use. (just the time that the foot adapts to a new new model). In the following uses, this gene has completely disappeared, giving way to great comfort.

The adidas Primeknit upper fits the shape of the foot (even narrow). The only downside in comfort is the low impact resistance when an opponent wipes the crampons on your shoes. If the use of the adidas Primeknit rod is a plus, it quickly becomes awkward when you receive a blow on the top of the foot. This is a bit of a problem with all models using Primeknit. But you already know that, do not you?

The Sockfit stretch collar holds the ankle well, and the Boost technology used on the outsole provides excellent cushioning. I will even say that I finish the matches less tired at the joints thanks to the excellent cushioning provided by the shoe. I was really impressed, and it must be said, adidas has done the job with this new generation Predator.

On paper, adidas announces the color by mentioning that the Predator 18+ offers ultimate control. On the field, it is true that the pair offers a very good control of the ball, and especially stands out from the competition at the ball.

The Predator 18+ features a Sockfit sock made with Primeknit technology. Its elastic properties adapt perfectly to your foot. The design of the shoe was made without flange or yoke, so we have a large striking surface on the forefoot.

There are also relief structures on the front of the foot that strengthen the ball. (a little in the same spirit as the Hypervenom 3). All these features associated with Controlskin technology allows for effective ball control in all circumstances.

My personal touch on ball touch is excellent! I really recommend this Predator 18+ for players who like to hit the goal with this feeling of barefoot. Note also that the pair is light, which offers a feeling of power when you hit the goal. The free kick shooters will appreciate!

In terms of grip, I was also pleasantly surprised, especially on the rotation of the supports and traction. At first glance, the sole Predator 18+ does not seem so flexible compared to some models on the market (as for example, the Hypervenom 3 to mention it). The ControlFrame sole offers good stability of movement and the hybrid configuration of the crampons (triangular) fits equally well on natural grass and artificial grass (synthetic grass). Of course I tested the Predator on both types of terrain. I find the shoe quite agile, stable and offers good grip. I never slipped even in wet conditions. For me, it is a positive point in terms of grip.

After more than two months of use on synthetic and natural lawn, the durability of the shoe and satisfactory. The front of the foot marks quite easily, but a damp cloth shot and voila. The outsole does not show signs of wear.

The only downside I can do is that the synthetic upper associated with the sockfit sock makes the shoe fragile when you receive an opposing crampon; it has been the case for several games and we feel the pain after a stroke. But we already know it is valid for all models that use synthetic materials. Nothing beats a real leather soccer shoe. (which was the case on the older generations of Predator).

Being a fan of the adidas Predator model a few years ago, I was looking forward to the return of the model in "modern" version. If the look has totally changed, the technologies put in place on this pair are just crazy! The adidas Predator 18+ soccer boots is very comfortable, offers good support and good grip while being lightweight. The strong point is undoubtedly the vamp without lace which allows to have a large striking surface. That's what I enjoyed most about playing with. If you are looking for soccer cleats that improve your typing quality and centers, this pair of crampons is for you. to try it is to adopt it. For my part, I play almost every game with, it's a real favorite!

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