Advanced upgrade is complete! Adidas Nemeziz 18+ soccer cleats combat evaluation

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After the evaluation of the adidas X 18+, today's Adidas Nemeziz 18+ is another shoeless shoe. Is this smart boot that has also been upgraded in the World Cup Energy Mode upgraded, is it better, modified and adjusted the defects of the first generation? What you want to know will find the answer in the actual evaluation of today's new issue.

Wearing feeling
In the previous new product appreciation, the little friends have already understood that the new generation of Nemeziz boots did not change the original intention of the design, the "tie" uppers bring tight packaging to make the players move more quickly, agile, and completely release the dexterity. The entire upgrade of the sneakers, with a small repair to change the description is more appropriate, the adjustment is more to make up for the shortcomings and shortcomings of the previous shoeless Nemeziz boots.

The upper is still a large area of ​​AgilityBandage straps, but it is clear that the back of the sneakers and the ankles are wrapped. Under the premise of correct size selection, the intuitive experience is that the shoes are more difficult to wear when wearing them. After wearing them, the feet are tightly packed. This is the feeling that the first-generation Nemeziz 17+ soccer cleats did not have. From this point of view, Adidas is a problem that fixes the Nemeziz shoeless version of the upper that is easy to open.

At the same time, the wrapped straps on the ankles have now become irregular designs with low internal and external heights, which enhance the support of the ankles. From the material of this part, the straps of the Nemeziz 18 Premium Boots are enhanced in thickness, elasticity and toughness. In addition, the adjustment of the height of the ankle is one of the reasons for the difficulty of wearing.

From the size point of view, the experience of several small series is that the size of the Nemeziz 18+ shoe-free soccer shoes is slightly larger than half a yard, but the different foot styles bring a different wearing feeling, so it is recommended that this sneaker is EZer. We try on it first and then make a purchase. In addition, although the difficulty of wearing, but does not mean that Nemeziz 18+ soccer cleats are suitable for thin feet. On the contrary, Xiao Bian believes that the shoe-less upper design is a taboo for the skinny players. Ordinary foot type, slightly wider or slightly higher instep, wearing Nemeziz 18+ is no problem.

Key points:
1. The size is slightly larger, it is recommended to try on it first;

2. The tightness of the package and the support of the upper are greatly improved;

3. It is more difficult to wear than the previous generation.

Practical experience
Practical experience We introduced EZer from the aspects of upper performance and outsole performance. First, let's look at the performance of the upper in actual combat. Adidas replaced the fabric on the front of the shoe in the next-generation Nemeziz 18 flagship and high-end versions. Now the upper contact area is not AgilityKnit 2.0, but AgilityWeave. The material is more delicate and light, and the touch is more realistic. Especially the first touch when the shoe is stopped, the ball is closer to the foot. At the same time, the change of the material also better controls the extension of the toe portion, and the support of the foot surface is improved. It seems that Adidas also understands that Nemeziz 17 will lose the support and support in the continuous combat.

The middle part of the sneakers has already mentioned in the previous article that the wrapping of AginityBandage elastic fabric is greatly improved. In the actual combat, the first thing that needs to be shown is that it takes a certain amount of time to run. For Asian players who have flat bows, there are some pincers in the beginning. Or the feeling of soreness is normal. After a ball's running-in, the state will get better when you wear it again.

The advantages of tight wrapping and support are many. The more fitting wearing sense not only improves the flexibility of the player when doing the action, but also makes the feet more natural when they touch the ball and more confident when they change their direction. It is more accurate when the force is applied. From the fact that almost all the shoes on the market emphasize the support of the vamp, it is very important to see this link. The adidas Nemeziz 18+ did the same after the upgrade.

There is another point hidden under the upper. It should be pointed out that Adidas adds a layer of mesh to the inner layer of the shoe at the instep, and the base is about 1/2 of the front. After adding this part, the upper has several experiences in actual combat: First, when the instep is in contact with the ball, long pass, and shooting, there is not only a layer of elastic fabric so thin, the cushion plays a buffering effect; the second is it The presence of the shoe enhances the friction between the inside of the upper and the feet, further reducing the space of the shoe compartment, and the tight sense of wrapping also has a merit. In addition, whether this new design will delay the extension of the elastic fabric of the upper after repeated wear, further experience is needed.

Finally, let's talk about the new design of the ankle area. Although the starting point of the ankle support of the inner high outsole is quite good, the actual meaning played in actual combat is not very obvious, but the ankle has a certain sense of foreign body. Such an experience may vary from person to person, and a small partner who likes high-top boots may fall in love with this new design. However, the combination of actual functions and the difficulty of wearing is actually more reasonable for the first generation of low-cutting.

Key points:
1. The material of the toe part changes, and the touch is improved;

2. The package is excellent, the support is in place, and the upper is excellent when breaking through and exerting force;

3. The improved functionality of the ankle area is not obvious;

4. At least one training session is required for running-in time, one hour?

5. The best in foot type compatibility, too thin, too wide or too high extreme foot type is not suitable

After talking about the upper, let's take a look at the outsole. In fact, the FG outsole of the Nemeziz 18 series soccer shoes is exactly the same as the previous generation. The design and distribution of the outsole is not adjusted, so its function with the upper is the same as that of the previous generation Nemeziz boots. of. The best part of TorsionFrame's ultra-light outsole is its rebound support, which makes it easier for players who are skilled in turning, turning, breaking, etc. to make movements more convenient. Of course, the length of FG's studs is a little difficult on the domestic middle-level grass, and it still needs to be on the artificial grass court with thick rubber.

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