Soccer equipment - the best soccer shoes inventory in 2018

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2018 is the World Cup year. Of course, the World Cup year will not lack excellent soccer shoes. Every major manufacturer will make a big fuss in soccer shoes every year, NIKE, ADIDAS, PUMA, MIZUNO, NEWBALANCE, UMBRO, etc. This year's soccer shoes are generally a hundred flowers, quite amazing!

Here are the top five sneakers of 2018:

TOP5 - PUMA soccer cleats Future 2.1 Netfit
PUMA can be said to be very successful in 2018. PUMA Future 2.1 is endorsed by Griezmann, Aguero and Suarez. We can see that the Future NetFit's upper is covered with small holes compared to other sneakers. This is also the place that is most different from other sneakers - compared to the fixed shoelace holes of other sneakers, Future's shoelaces can freely shuttle through these holes, we can flexibly adjust according to the individual's foot shape The lace holes allow the upper to adapt to the shape of the foot.

The way you wear your shoes can be DIY yourself.
Most people will always give priority to sneakers when choosing shoes, especially for brothers with wide feet and high backs, but with the help of NetFit system, you can adapt to Future regardless of your foot shape. Let you have a personal custom feeling.

Puma's upper has always maintained a high level. Future's upper material uses a new artificial microfiber material, the thickness is very thin, and the texture is very soft. The first foot feels very close, no traditional hard. The awkward feel of the upper. It maintains a good stretch while fitting the foot, and the middle of the instep does not feel tight or even numb.

In addition, NetFit's mesh structure provides an additional frictional effect on the upper based on a high level upper. Although the actual lace hole is only present in the middle of the shoe, the front and rear of the shoe also maintain the design of the mesh structure, which can be said to provide a full range of friction assistance for the shoe.

At the same time, Future also used a high-top fabric design at the collar, which is the evoKnit that has been seen on evoTouch and One shoes. The fabric collar effectively anchors the ankle, further enhancing the overall fit of the shoe, and a ribbed design on the surface to make the friction between the ankle and the collar more comfortable. There is a pull ring at the back of the collar, which helps us to wear shoes and take off shoes more easily.

As for the sole, Future uses the Pebax material previously used by Puma One, and its toughness and light weight of the outsole are undoubtedly superior. In terms of studs, FG/AG still uses the style of mixed studs. The forefoot and heel are round nails, which can provide better results when the emergency stop is urgent. In the middle, 4 tapered nails are used. The cross is fixed.

TOP4: mens nike mercurial soccer cleats Superfly 6
It is often jokingly said that there are only two types of speed soccer shoes in today's soccer, one pair is the Mercurial assassin, and the rest can be classified as others. Of course, we do not evaluate this sentence, nor can it reflect any problems, but it does prove the status of the assassin soccer shoes in people's minds. From the stunning appearance of aliens in 1998 to the present, assassin soccer shoes have already accumulated a large number of fans, and the high-flying revolutionary Superfly IV will continue to enhance this charm, and for a time has become the "artifact" in the grassroots. Assassin soccer shoes have their own clear goals and positioning, never do extra things, and constantly evolve, just to let users get more smooth speed and ultimate experience.

Assassin has always been a part of the people's faith, it represents Ronaldo, on behalf of C Ronaldo, on behalf of "the world martial arts, only fast not broken", still follow this principle in the soccer field. This pair of mercurial superfly 6 still continues the essence of the assassin, strong grip on the outsole, lightweight and cool appearance, nothing to say, understand people naturally understand.

This is really the best pair of speed sneakers of this year. For those who advocate speed, you should definitely not miss it!
The assassin’s outsole has always been born for speed.

TOP3: PUMA One 1
A pair of sneakers with comprehensive performance

The PUMA One 1 is an excellent pair of kangaroo sneakers with excellent comfort and feel in kangaroo leather shoes, as well as excellent wrap and stability.

Compared with PUMA FUTURE's maverick, the ONE series, which combines the functions of multiple boots, is more popular among real players. The real touch, tight package, light and smart, and the long-standing spokesperson of the same value and strength. The list, all elements together promote PUMA ONE this composite soccer boots become one of the leaders in the 2018 soccer equipment market.

PUMA ONE 1 soccer shoes use the kangaroo leather material in the forefoot area to further enhance the feel of the ball; at the same time, the new evoKNIT sock and FuseFIT technology are added to the upper to provide a tight sense of wrapping for the players to play better. Speed ​​advantage; In addition, PUMA also puts the ball-assisted design of 3D bump under the vamp, which emphasizes the upper touch ability and improves the accuracy of the player's long pass and shooting.
The outsole has a strong visual impact and makes people want to stop.

The upper combines a sense of wrap and feel, while the outsole of PUMA ONE 1 soccer shoes brings more speed support. The upgraded Rapidsprint outsole is not only lighter, but also has better speed performance. The new stud configuration and the heel wrap cup design not only provide more speed and flexibility for the ONE 1 soccer shoes, but also enhance the overall protection of the shoes.

Attacks such as Aguero, Lukaku, and Dajilu generally destroy the city, and the midfield strategists such as Weigel and Hasebe are sincere, and the speed is as fast as Bellerin, even if it is the goalkeeper position, wearing PUMA ONE. There is also a blessing of the door god Buffon.

This is a pair of shoes that you can't put down, this is a pair of shoes suitable for any position and style, the king of Almighty!

TOP2: Adidas Copa 19
Subversive appearance is unforgettable

The first time you see this pair of shoes will make you feel like caterpillars, but soon you will be obsessed with this style, because it is really cool, when you put these shoes on the feet, you will become the focus of the field. And its excellent performance makes you not want to take off after you put it on.

From the technology and innovation used by Adidas in Copa 19+, the theme of innovation is to maximize the feel, feel and comfort of the shoes. The non-lacing kangaroo leather upper is extremely soft and the touch is really sensitive. The ray embossing that conforms to the natural bending of the human foot makes the upper fit more in the dynamic, making the distance between the feet and the ball closer, while preventing Excessive extension of the upper; after the innovative Fusionskin technology has treated the kangaroo skin to be more resilient, durable and waterproof without losing the touch, eliminating the kangaroo leather boots and giving the shoes a variety of weather conditions. All-weather combat capability. Knitted Sockfit collars naturally extend the sneakers from the feet for a more stable fit.
Big bottom round nail design flexibility

The outsole of the Copa19+ is innovatively designed like the upper. The sneakers use a more popular mid-sole design that guarantees functionality while minimizing weight. The new EXOFRAME outsole for the sneakers uses a two-layer mechanism based on a nylon material, and a soft TPU is injected into a specific part for secondary cushioning. The studs are mainly semi-conical studs that take into account the dexterity of the turn and the grip of running.

Soft kangaroo leather, no lace design, subversive appearance, perfect touch and wrap, this is the pinnacle of adidas this year.

Unbeatable perfection

I believe that you must have heard of the legend of the Brazilian demon Rivaldo. In 2002, the Ronaldo final of the renaissance of the Korea-Japan World Cup opened twice and helped Brazil win the World Cup. But Ronaldo's two goals are all from Rivaldo. As the brain of the Samba Army, he is the core and most important of the team. As a midfielder, Rivaldo scored 5 goals in the World Cup and contributed 4 assists. He is a well-deserved all-around fighter. The name of the Wave Cup that followed him to destroy the city was famous in the world, and most of them were given by Bailey Valdo.
2002 Rivaldo World Cup exclusive boots

Completely following the New Year's Wave Cup, it incorporates more traditional and classic genes into its bones. Classic, handsome, retro... At the moment you first saw it, these words are constantly emerging in your mind. The large blue Mizuno logo on the side of the shoe is also a typical family design, reminding people that this is a pair of Mizuno boots.

Sneakers sexy shoes, every detail is impeccable,

In this Wave Cup Legend, Mizuno continued the design of the first year, and the upper almost realized the full kangaroo cover, satisfying all the fantasies of the leather control. Whether it is the choice of leather or the direction of the car line, almost all of the original design has been copied to give you a barefoot feeling and a better touch with the best materials. The shoes are extremely inclusive. The heel is perfect with no curvature, so you can enjoy high quality comfort.

The outsole not only has wave cushioning technology, the stud layout and length make it a natural grass artificial grass.

Super super soft upper and super high quality kangaroo leather, plus perfect color matching and Nissan's exquisite workmanship, and Rivaldo's feelings blessing, how many people can resist this temptation. Believe me, this is really the best quality kangaroo skin and workmanship on the market. Mizuno's high quality sneakers are really the best in the world.

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